Why Software Developers Make Good Spouses

 I often envy my wife because she married a software developer. She doesn’t realize how lucky she is! Come to think of it, I think everyone married to a software developer should applaud themselves for their wonderful choice.

Why am I being so boisterous about the idea of software developers as an ideal spouse?   I can give you thousands of reasons but, unless you’re a developer yourself, you probably won’t have the patience to read them all. So, I narrowed it down to the top 5:

 1.  They don’t mind being nagged:    

Developers like to build alerts into their software. Alerts to call them, text them, or interrupt them with a popup message.   They want to be alerted when something goes wrong, when something unusual happens, or simply, when the software completes a step. They build these alerts because they care and they love to be told when something needs to attention. So, if you are married to a software developer, nag away. If you are looking for a suitor and would like someone who won’t mind being nagged, narrow your search to developers only.

 2.  They like being told when they are wrong:  

Developers always like to trap for errors. They don’t rest until their software takes care of every possible error. They also make sure they log every error that occurs. No, it’s not that they love their mistakes. As I mentioned above, they just want to know if something went wrong so they can attend to it. If you have uncontrollable urges to tell people when they’re wrong, you should definitely look for a software developer as your life partner. Even if you’re just a casual observer who happens to have a keen eye for spotting mistakes, you should only look for software developers when searching match.com

 3.  They want to keep improving:

Developers love to release new and improved versions of their software. They feel obligated to add new features and improve existing functions and they usually release these new versions on a self-imposed cycle. If there’s nothing to improve, they’ll find something, even if it’s just updating the “look and feel.” Wouldn’t you love to have a spouse who wants to keep improving? Improving how they behave; improving how they look? It’s like marrying a “6” on a scale of 1 to 10 and watching them become a “10” in few years. How could you resist a prospect like that?

 4.  They know how to use all the new electronic gadgets:

Developers don’t shy away from switching to the latest smart phone. And they don’t hesitate to buy that new smart TV or replace that old computer. You can have the latest and the greatest gadgets just because you married a software developer! You’ll be the coolest kid in your group of friends! Go ahead…Brag about having all your music and videos in “the cloud” and being able to access them from your phone, tablet, home computer, work computer, TV, and even your new multi-function wrist watch. You’ll be as tech savvy as you want (and then some) with a software developer as your significant other. Are you one of those people who wanders around looking for an available computer you can check email or Facebook on? Stop wasting your time and marry a developer already. You’ll be connected, informed, and up to date, 24×7.

 5.  They can think…And they actually like to:

Don’t you just cringe when talking to someone who uses blunt phrases in response to your well-worded, profound statements? It’s the worst! If you like responses that are well thought-out, fully explained, and logical then you should limit yourself to only conversing with software developers. They’ll always give you precise, detailed answers and will be able to quote facts to support their opinions! Developers love Googling for answers (of course, we do…Google was built by developers!). If you overhear someone at a party proudly brag that their spouse “knows it all” you can bet they’re married to a software developer!

Live happily ever after…

I’m sure you can now can see what a wonderful life that awaits you if you choose to spend yours with a software developer. If you’re young, eligible, and smart, don’t settle for a boring business person, banker, fashion designer, athlete, or super model–find yourself a software developer and you’ll live happily ever after. Just ask my lucky, lucky wife!


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