The Top 5 Reasons I Love Our Support Ticketing System

During my time here at Algonquin Studios, we’ve made changes to the customer service tools that we use to support our clients, trying to find the best fit for our team and the best level of service for the client. Our most recent change has been, in my opinion, the best–we made the switch to Zendesk, a support ticketing system that tracks all of our emails and phone calls, almost one year ago today and the past year has been a truly productive one for our team (and our clients).

Honestly, there are quite a few reasons why I love Zendesk but today I’m going to share my Top 5, the ones that help make the most impact on our support workload every day:

1) We have exact details about our conversations with clients
There’s no more guessing about topics that may have been covered by another support rep or things that may have been promised during a previous conversation–everything’s there in black and white, for us to review whenever we need it, whether we just need to remind ourselves of where an issue stands or we need a quick way to bring ourselves up to date when we’re stepping in to handle something on a co-worker’s behalf.

2) Clients are automatically emailed whenever there’s an update
Obviously, an automated update system makes it much easier to keep our clients well-informed. No more worrying about forgetting to send important emails–Zendesk has got us covered! Plus, when we’re troubleshooting a support issue, all we have to do is create one update and we can send it to multiple people, keeping everyone involved in the loop.

3) Managers can log in to view our progress on various issues
Zendesk allows our management team to track our progress on support issues without tracking us down for information. With a quick log in, they can see where we are in the support process, determine if the proper progress is being made on the issue at hand, and ensure our clients are getting the attention they deserve.

4) Reporting!
We can track things like call volume, response rates, and most importantly, client satisfaction. Information is power!

5) Three words: Knowledge Base Articles!
We love it when our clients reach out to us, but we also want to make sure we’re giving them a resource for information they can access on their own. Our Zendesk system actually makes it easy for us to build help/how-to articles that empower our clients to find answers whenever they need them: after-hours, on weekends, or even when they simply can’t get to the phone to give us a call. It’s a win-win situation.

Do you use a system to track your support tickets?  How have your customers reacted to the detailed records you’re keeping?

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Degree/Education Background: Bachelor's of Science in Environmental Science with a Minor in Physical Geography from the University at Buffalo. What is it you do at AS? Whether it be installing an application on a mobile device or questions about how to use a feature of QuantumCMS, when clients call our support lines, I help them with whatever issue they happen to be having! What do you spend time doing outside the office? Anything that has to do with whitewater. I am a whitewater river rat/adrenaline junkie and spend my weekends traveling through the NorthEast looking for rapids to drop through and rivers to paddle. Whether it be in my raft, yelling at a bunch of people to "paddle hard!" or in my kayak, with my friends around me, enjoying places that other people dream of. What's your favorite... Song/Music: Almost anything, but I love Irish music and that's what you'll find me listening to 99% of the time on Pandora. Movie: The 5th Element

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