What’s New in QuantumCMS 5?

Over the past few years, my role at Algonquin Studios has expanded to include the front-end development of QuantumCMS, our in-house content management system. In that time, QuantumCMS has changed a lot. We’ve crushed bugs, added new features, and enhanced the user interface

The release of QuantumCMS 5 is slated for May 1, 2013 and I’m really excited about this version. Not only have we redesigned the interface, but we’ve also added new features, vastly improved some existing features, and upgraded the code under the hood.

Here’s a look at some of things that you can expect in QuantumCMS 5:

New Interface

We’ve given the interface a clean and fresh look that’s easy on the eyes, but the layout is largely the same as previous versions, so you won’t have to hunt around for anything.



Edit Page


Site Tree

We’ve built a new site tree control from the ground up. In addition to new icons and styles, the tree now includes drag-and-drop page moving and sorting in all supported browsers. We also added a feature to indicate when a page has drafts. In such cases, a small pencil is displayed over the page type icon.


File Manager

This release will introduce a brand new file manager. The file manager is no longer available as a tab in the left pane, but now opens in a new window so you have more room to work. The new file manager supports drag-and-drop for moving files and includes basic image editing features like resize, crop, and rotate. In modern browsers, you can even drag files from your computer into the window to quickly upload them to the server. And yes, I said files! With the new file manager, you can upload multiple files simultaneously.



We’ve added a set of new screens that can be used to help define business rules and manage content that is specific to an area of the site. A section is simply a page and all underlying pages. In QuantumCMS, you can define any page as the root of a section and apply custom content like Linked Pages and Properties that will appear on all pages within that section of the site.

Although there are many potential uses, we believe that this will be particularly helpful for sites with multilingual content, mini-sites, or both. Making use of this feature requires some template updates, because the functionality must be coded to match the site’s business rules.


Linked Page Images

We noticed that a lot of web sites associate images with their links so we’ve attempted to make that easier by adding a Link Image file picker to the Linked Pages screen. Much like Sections, the Linked Pages feature is implemented uniquely for each web site so template updates are necessary to make use of this feature.


Open Pages in New Window

You may have noticed that there is now a check box on each page that is labeled, “Open in a new window.” By checking that box, all links to that page in the navigation, search results, and site map will open in a new window automatically.

Site Speed

I’ve saved perhaps the best for last. In QuantumCMS 5, we’ve made a bunch of code updates to streamline the page rendering process. That ultimately means that sites on this version will load faster. Additionally, we believe our new Sections feature will further this for those clients that make use of it. We’ve made major strides to accomplish this and we believe that it will pay dividends for our clients as well.

I hope that you enjoyed getting a sneak peak at our upcoming release. Please feel free to share your feedback!


9 thoughts on “What’s New in QuantumCMS 5?

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