Seven “Did You Know?” Things About QuantumCMS

As a Software Support Representative here at Algonquin Studios, I field phone calls on all manner of issues, ranging from user error to scheduling training sessions and I’ve started keeping lists of the most frequently asked questions about QuantumCMS, our flag-ship content management system. I thought I’d take this opportunity to share seven things that I think could be incredibly useful for QuantumCMS users. Here’s hoping they make your day just a little bit better:

1. Right-click Menus in the WYSIWYG Editor

Have you checked out the right-click menus in the WYSIWYG editor? These right-click menus are especially helpful in editing hyperlinks, tables and images as they let you:

  • Quickly edit the Link Type, Target, and URL of an already-created hyperlink.
  • Quickly modify image properties so you don’t have to search for the image icon.
  • Access editing options for existing tables, including the ability to add new columns to the right or left of a current cell; add new rows above or below the current cell; delete whole columns or rows; and edit table and cell properties.

2. Those Little Blue Numbers

What’s with those little blue numbers next to each item under the “Properties” tab? They’re there to let you know how many of each type of property are associated with or applied to the page. For example, if there’s a small blue “8” next to the option for Linked Pages, it means there are 8 linked pages associated with the page. These numbers are intended as a quick, visual indicator that there’s “more going on” on the page than what you might find on your content tab and to remind you to review the properties of each page when making edits.

3. Free Training Sessions

We host free, monthly QuantumCMS training sessions.  Each online session, held at 2 pm on the 2nd Tuesday of every month is open to every QuantumCMS user at your organization! For more information pertaining to the training sessions, check out the QuantumCMS user forum.

4. User Manuals

We offer general user manuals that explain all the universal features of QuantumCMS, along with Custom Documentation detailing the specific features and functionality developed especially for your custom site. Both manuals are available by logging into your QuantumCMS authoring tool and clicking the “Help” option in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard.

5. Tutorials

We’ve created tutorials for almost every feature available in QuantumCMS but if you can’t find helpful documentation on something you’re struggling with, you can always email our support team at We’ll walk you through the issue at hand, but we’ll also get to work on documenting the solution to the problem. With feedback from our clients, we’re constantly working to create better support documentation and your input might be just what we need to make another helpful addition to our tutorial library!

6. Reports

For the latest QuantumCMS release (4.2.1) we listened to you, our clients, and created new reports to help you better manage your web sites. All reports are available by clicking the “Reports” option in the upper right-hand side of the dashboard. New reports include: Linked Pages, Page Properties, Pages per Property, Application Usage, Page Security, and Public Access by Role.

7. Page History and Drafts

Each page on your site has a “History” and “Drafts” section. You can access this information via the “Properties” tab within the editor. Each time a page is saved, a copy, complete with all the associated information, images, links, etc., is stored in QuantumCMS. Using the “History” screen, you can view, restore, or create a draft from a previous version of the page. A helpful feature while making page edits allows you manually save a page as a draft, creating a separate version of the page on which you can complete all of your editing work without affecting your current page content. Then, once you’ve completed your edits (and only when you’re ready), you can replace the current version with the draft, making your new content live!

Which QuantumCMS features do you you use frequently and think are the most helpful?  Let us know below in the comments!

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Degree/Education Background: Bachelor's of Science in Environmental Science with a Minor in Physical Geography from the University at Buffalo. What is it you do at AS? Whether it be installing an application on a mobile device or questions about how to use a feature of QuantumCMS, when clients call our support lines, I help them with whatever issue they happen to be having! What do you spend time doing outside the office? Anything that has to do with whitewater. I am a whitewater river rat/adrenaline junkie and spend my weekends traveling through the NorthEast looking for rapids to drop through and rivers to paddle. Whether it be in my raft, yelling at a bunch of people to "paddle hard!" or in my kayak, with my friends around me, enjoying places that other people dream of. What's your favorite... Song/Music: Almost anything, but I love Irish music and that's what you'll find me listening to 99% of the time on Pandora. Movie: The 5th Element

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