My Print Styles Article in .net Magazine

The Summer 2012 (#231) issue of .net Magazine has my tutorial on making print styles for your site. Not only did I get four pages, the article got a mention on the front cover (small though it is) and my photo in the contributors section.

If you’ve spent much time here or following me on Twitter, then you know I have written plenty about the lack of print styles on modern sites, particularly those claiming to use responsive techniques. I figured it was about time I showed some techniques to make it happen and hopefully demonstrate how dreadfully simple print styles are to do.

While my article is clearly the stand-out piece in the magazine, and totally worth getting just for my work, there is some other stuff in this issue that might interest you:

Creating flexible layouts that will work on any device and any screen size is the next big challenge for CSS. In this month’s issue Peter Gasston takes us on a tour of some well-implemented properties you can use now as well as the exciting proposed properties we could be using in the future.

There’s also a guide to creating or updating your online portfolio from Gary Marshall, an interview with Elliot Jay Stocks and tutorials on HTML5’s Drag and Drop API and building a basic responsive site with CSS. Here are some more highlights:

  • Build smoother JavaScript apps
  • Make your website printable
  • Make your sites load faster
  • The pro’s guide to Adobe Edge
  • Build an ecommerce store
  • Using PHP Data Objects

By the way, in case you want to read up on some of my prior discussions about print styles, here’s a handy list of links for you:


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