White Water and Software Support

The view from my weekend office - Lower Falls, Genesee River, Letchworth State Park

Some people may not know this but I have two jobs.  My full time job here at Algonquin Studios, as a Software Support Representative, and my part time job, as a weekend warrior guiding rafts on local white water rivers.

At first, you may think these jobs are completely different from one another.  At one I’m in an office, sitting at a desk and computer with Wi-Fi easily accessible; at the other I’m outside, sitting in an inflatable rubber raft that I could easily pop with the knife I carry, without the ability to make a phone call (even if I carried my cell phone with me).  But in reality the jobs are quite similar; it is my responsibility to make customers happy and ensure they have a good user experience.

Here at Algonquin Studios, my goal is that our clients will be smiling when they hang up the phone with me.  People call in with a problem – the problem can be as small as not knowing how to print an invoice or a bigger issue that takes my team a few days of research, to figure out exactly what happened, before we’re able to get back to customer. Whether it takes me 5 minutes to resolve the issue, or 5 days, my ultimate goal is the same – helping the client and providing quality service.

When rafting, my ultimate goal is no different – to give the guests in my boat a fun, safe trip down the river and have them smiling when we get to the “take out.”  Whether it’s 35 degree day, with snow falling, or an 85 degree day, with the sun shinning, I’m doing everything in my power to give my guests the best user experience I can.

At both jobs, I’ve got a team of individuals backing me up to help accomplish our common goal.  We work together asking and answering questions, learning from each other, and helping each other out so we we’re always getting better at what we do.  And, at Algonquin, there’s never an answer of “sorry, we don’t know the answer” or “sorry, we can’t help you,” we’ll always get back to the client, even if we don’t have an answer right away.

At the end of the day, regardless of which job I’m working, I’m fortunate enough to say that, along with my clients, I’m always smiling too.  At the end of a long day on the river, I smile when I hear the excitement in people’s voices at the end of a white water trip, as they recount every rapid and say they can’t wait to call their friends to tell them all the details. And, when I’m catching the train home after a day at Algonquin Studios, I’ve always got a smile on my face because I know that I worked hard and was able to help my clients handle the bumps in their operations and achieve their goals for a successful business day!

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About Margaret Siller

Degree/Education Background: Bachelor's of Science in Environmental Science with a Minor in Physical Geography from the University at Buffalo. What is it you do at AS? Whether it be installing an application on a mobile device or questions about how to use a feature of QuantumCMS, when clients call our support lines, I help them with whatever issue they happen to be having! What do you spend time doing outside the office? Anything that has to do with whitewater. I am a whitewater river rat/adrenaline junkie and spend my weekends traveling through the NorthEast looking for rapids to drop through and rivers to paddle. Whether it be in my raft, yelling at a bunch of people to "paddle hard!" or in my kayak, with my friends around me, enjoying places that other people dream of. What's your favorite... Song/Music: Almost anything, but I love Irish music and that's what you'll find me listening to 99% of the time on Pandora. Movie: The 5th Element

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